Mighty Fin: A Game Giveaway

Vincent   August 18, 2011   Comments Off on Mighty Fin: A Game Giveaway

I’ve got a bit of an unexpected contest announcement! The fine people at Launching Pad Games have released a huge update to their game Mighty Fin for the iPhone/iPod Touch/Ipad. If you own one of these fancy devices you could win one of two codes to get the game for free.

What you have to do:

1. Follow RobotsPJs on Twitter.
2. Tweet, “I follow @robotspjs for goodies #MightyFinGame

Two winners will be selected at random!

And yeah, I realize that this isn’t the usual adult-ish geek themed sort of stuff, but I figured a couple of you geeks managed to procreate or just enjoy lighthearted games…

From the Press Release:

Mighty Fin follows the curious adventures of Fin, a fish in need of a holiday who has signed up for Shady Sal’s suspiciously cheap Round the World Tour. The game’s initial levels took Fin on an increasingly dangerous
voyage through a variety of aquatic tourist traps, with Survival and Endless gameplay modes providing additional challenges for skilled swimmers.

With today’s update Fin’s trip takes a decidedly surreal turn, with unexpected new locations that include a sticky-sweet candy river, a futuristic underwater city, and choppy seas swarming with pirates and ninjas. Like Mighty Fin’s launch content, the new levels include unlockable gameplay modes and hilarious collectable costumes. The addition of Universal app support makes Mighty Fin’s colorful cartoon graphics and intuitive one-touch controls even more accessible to iPad players. The new version also includes new music for even the original levels, with a unique theme for each of Fin’s destinations.

Upon its June launch, Mighty Fin garnered positive comparisons to the popular Tiny Wings and quickly earned a 4.5 star App Store rating from fans. Its addictive gameplay and extreme value impressed reviewers, with PocketGamer calling it “guaranteed to entertain.” 148Apps praised its “responsive, simple controls [and] fun atmosphere” and GamePro urged, “Get this game. I’m serious. Do it now.”