Mickey in Creepyland

Vincent   September 27, 2010   4 Comments on Mickey in Creepyland


You know what archaic mascot needs to make himself more relevant to our culture? Mickey Mouse! They’ve been combining Mickey with other properties for awhile now, but this has got to be the worst. It’s Mickey as  the creepy ass Mad Hatter from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. Wonderful, now Mickey Mouse can frighten new generations of fans.

Thanks to: Super Punch

  • At least this version can’t do that embarrassing dance.

  • Vincent

    I didn’t mind that movie, but holy crap that dance was terrible.

  • Yeah, the film was fine. But that dance was just dumb. Also, everyone called it “Underland,” not “Wonderland.”

  • Vincent

    I just took that as, that’s the name of the world and Wonderland was the bastardized version of that from Alice’s crappy memory.