Michael Jackson is Captain Eo

Yeah, yeah, you are already tired about hearing about how great Michael Jackson was even though two days ago he was the butt of a million jokes. Look, whatever you thought about the guy let’s get one thing straight: Captain Eo was freaking awesome:

In case you’re not familiar, Captain Eo was a 3D movie staring Michael Jackson shown at Disney’s Epcot center for many years. I was lucky enough to see it before it dissapeared and I can report that it was really cool. I actually saw it almost before it was done, in fact at that time Michael Jackson was certainly not cool, but even with the tarnish on Michael Jackson’s celebrity star it was a cool little 3D flick. Not only where the 3D effects cool (I’m a sucker for 3D), but the story has Jackson as the Captain of a spaceship who battles an evil alien Queen. What isn’t there in there that a young nerd wouldn’t like? Okay, maybe I had some bad taste back then, but I still liked Captain Eo even though it had a lot going against it by that point.

Captain Eo, good luck on your adventures into the great beyond.

  • never saw it except online. Imagine if they would start showing it again now with 3D making a come back.

  • Michael Jackson Rocks

    Yeah, Captain EO was awesome. So was MJ at the time.

    Is there anyone else ‘big enough’ to have a whole ride based off of them? I can’t think of anyone off hand.