Merry Christmas From Gunther!


I want to wish all my readers a Merry Christmas (for those that celebrate it). As holiday tradition dictates we must gather around the computer screen, crank the volume, drink some brandy slush (seriously this shit is off the hook), and listen to the Master of Christmas Gunther sing his Christmas song.

Before you hit the play button, I just want to thank everyone who have made this a great year at Robot’s Pajama’s central. We’re way ahead of where we were traffic-wise and we can’t get any more joy from seeing the numbers growing on the podcast. It makes all our “hard” work worth it. While it’s not exactly the kind of Christmas gift I was hoping from you fans, it is a pretty damned good one that’s hard to beat.

  • Nice! Why have I never seen this before? Its up there with Dick-In-A-Box!