Merry Christmas from The Robot’s Pajamas! 2013 Edition

RPJ Xmas Banner

Merry Christmas! Right off the bat you get the traditional Christmas song from Gunther. You’re welcome.

In case you’re dense and haven’t noticed, today is the day we post a Merry Christmas message to those who celebrate the festive holiday (for me it’s the 100% secular version, bring on the gifts!). Our holiday post is more highly anticipated than the Pope’s Christmas prayer. Heck, even Krampus takes a few seconds to check out the blog in between beating children. This year I decided to link to other Christmas posts from the past that are still amazing time wasters if you’re avoiding talking to relatives.

How about some sexy Christmas “cosplay”?

Legendary tales of Christmas presents!

Here’s a couple of Christmas Duets featuring David Bowie, Bing Crosby, Jason Seagul, and Jack Black

G.I. Joe fights Cobra on Christmas!

Rambo saves Christmas!

Robocop fought crime on Christmas!

The time I figured out the purpose of Santa’s existence!

Rudolph doesn’t have to put on the red light.

  • Dex

    Happy secular holiday!