Merry Christmas and all that Jazz

RPJ Xmas Banner

Well, it’s been one hell of a year. In fact, I’d like to call 2009 the year of failure due to all the crap that’s gone down. Still, that doesn’t mean it’s got to be depressing. We got good things like… um… the Watchmen movie if you liked that. And on the toy front there was… uh… really expensive He-Man figures. Let’s see… oh there was Modern Warfare 2 and that pretty much is like the video game equivalent of an exquisite BJ.

So how to celebrate this most joyous of holidays for Christians as well as atheists and agnostics alike (if they ignore all the Jesus stuff and focus on the Santa)? With a lazy re-posting of my favorite Christmas themed YouTube videos!

Merry Christmas everyone! And to my Jewish audience, I’m sorry. Just hang in there it will be all over soon.

  • Emma

    Happy Day to you! Here’s hoping 2010 is much more awesome.

  • Babette

    You posted the wrong Gunther video. It’s not Christmas without scantily clad women singing about snowflakes on the sky. Sigh.

  • do family guy writers just watch youtube clips all day? they should just turn all the best youtube clips into a family guy cartoon staring peter! FUNNY!