Meet the Designers of the LEGO Simpsons House


Nerds the world over rejoiced at the posibility of Lego Simpsons and their dreams are being realized with the Lego Simpsons house due on February 1st.
The Simpsons house is a massive set of over 2,500 bricks. Here is the design team discussing their challenges and the solutions they came up with for transforming this cultural touchstone into an actual 3-dimensional set.

The Lego Simpsons house is simply amazing. Sure it will set you back 200 bucks, but it comes with every core character in Lego form, including Flanders. You get the whole house, their car… and all in one set instead of having to collect a bunch of different sets to get them all. Greatest Lego set ever? We might have a contender.


  • Michael McDonald

    I ordered as soon as it went up and have it now. Still have the upstairs to finish but it is really an amazing set. There are so many little details in the set. The fact that they actually sculpted individual faces really makes the figures stand out.