MechaWhales: Whales in Robot Suits, Because Why Not?

Vincent   January 11, 2013   Comments Off on MechaWhales: Whales in Robot Suits, Because Why Not?


Out of the mind of the internet, Mechawhales was born! Whales with ESP that don mechanized suits of armor and battle it out. Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water… whales start wearing robot suits.

Not only is the adult collectible toy only 45 bucks (which isn’t that bad for a specialty item), but there’s a brief Mechawhales CGI cartoon right here!

Man this is some crazy shit. Although if you think about it, the idea is no less ridiculous than Tigersharks. Okay, maybe it’s a little crazier than Tigersharks, but not by that much.

It’s hard to believe that Mechawhales didn’t come out in the 1980s or 1990s. Those decades where the peak of eco-friendly kids cartoons and obsessions with whales.

You can learn more about the Mechawhales, and I mean a lot more, over at their site. I’m really hoping they get around to making the Orcas with the lightsabers.