Masters of the Universe Classics: A Dread Axe and a Cosmic Key


Sure Masters of the Universe Classics figures usually come with a good assortment of weapons, but why settle for those boring things when you can buy hand crafted weapons for your figures? The good folks at Spy Monkey Creations teamed up with our friend Poe Ghostal to make an exclusive (to his site) weapon for 7 inch figures (like Masters of the Universe Classics) called the Dread Axe of Darkness. While Spy Monkey makes some great stuff, I can live without most of it. When I saw the Dread Axe though, I fell in love. It just looked so boss… and evil! So on the second go around for these things, I begged Poe to set one aside for me and a few weeks later, I got one in the mail.


Now for the sad part of this story. The post office broke the ax. After opening the mailer, I found that the shaft (hehe) of the Axe had been busted. It looked like the tape on the resealed mailer might have been tampered with, so I’m not sure what happened, but I blame the U.S. postal service. Thanks, assholes. I tried gluing it with regular model glue and that didn’t take. I plan to someday use something stronger on it, but in the meantime a piece of mailing tape is working just fine.


The Dread Axe looks just as good as I hoped it would, except that I had originally planed on having the barbarian Vikor hold it. There was something about the idea of a barbarian wielding an ax meant for evil that appealed to me. unfortunately, Vikor’s hands seemed to be meant for gripping smaller shafts (hehe). So I put it in Skeletor’s hands and I have to admit, he looks pretty sweet with it.

Poe is sold out with his exclusive, so sorry for those who missed out. Keep checking his blog to see if he ever brings it back, because it rocks if you can get one.

heman001I also recently got my “Preternia Disguise” He-Man as my “free” figure for getting a subscription to Matty Instead of just trying to sell him, I decided to open the package and keep the Cosmic Key he came with. If you’re not familiar, the Cosmic Key was featured in the live action Masters of the Universe movie and since I love that terrible flick to death, I had to have it:



The thing is pretty cool as a nifty little bonus. I would have preferred something with a bit more detail, perhaps the ability to fold up. I know that this sort of thing has to be possible. I mean, look at all you can accomplish with the tiny G.I. Joe weapons these days, but it’s understandable that Mattel didn’t want to waste so much detail on something so ridiculous.

So… if you want to buy a Preternia He-Man without a Cosmic Key I’m selling one. Yes, it is a shameless plug.


  • Trick-Or-Treat He-Man is pretty cool when put in context of the Powers of Grayskull line. He just doesn’t work with the regular characters, cuz, ya know, why would He-Man be wearing a disguise? I think if I was making a web comic I’d use him as He-Man going undercover as an Evil Warrior to infiltrate Skeletor’s ranks and state a coup or something. Either that or Rapist He-Man… “He’s climbing in your windows. He’s snatchin your people up. Tryna rape em so y’
    all need to. Hide your kids, hide your wife.

    The Cosmic Key is the real prize IMO. I wish the arms could have folded up too, but I guess you can’t have everything. The chrome is a nice finish though.

  • Esbat

    WTF is up with Skeletor’s feet? He is half duck or something. Are all the MOTUC Skeletors like that?

  • They’re more like claws (that resemble the original figure). they’re not really webbed like duck feet.