Marvel and Sony Announce New Spider-Man Star and Director

Chris Piers   June 23, 2015   Comments Off on Marvel and Sony Announce New Spider-Man Star and Director
tom holland is spider-man

Tom Holland is the new Peter Parker/Spider-Man for Sony and Marvel

Marvel and Sony previously reached a deal to work together on Spider-Man. It’s pretty simple. Sony gets to produce the Spider-Man movies and keep those profits and Marvel gets to use Spider-Man in their movies and keep those profits. It helps them both out. But the big question is who is going to play Spider-Man, followed by who will direct? And they had to figure it out fast because the new Spider-Man will first appear in a supporting role in Captain America: Civil War, currently filming. Well, today they announced that the new Peter Parker/Spider-Man will be Tom Holland. So who is Tom Holland and who will direct?

The movie will be in Imax and 3D on July 28, 2017. It’ll be directed by Jon Watts, director of Cop Car, an upcoming thriller. It did well at Sundance’s film festival. It starred Kevin Bacon as a corrupt cop whose car is stolen by some kids. Maybe the way he handled young actors was a deciding factor in him being right for this. Kinda interesting that they’re hiring someone so new but Sony must be pretty familiar with his work. Meanwhile, Holland has starred in The Impossible, Wolf Hall, and the upcoming In the Heart of the Sea (where he’ll act opposite Thor star Chris Hemsworth). He’s 19 but looks young. That’s important because they very much want this Spider-Man to be in high school, like he was originally introduced in the Stan Lee/Steve Ditko comics. The movie is said to skip past the origin, which most people really know by now, and focus on his early career as an inexperienced solo superhero.

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So how did Holland beat out all the other contenders? Maybe it was his commitment to the physicality of Spidey. Check out one of his acrobatic videos that he posted to his Instagram:

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What do you think? Have you seen any Tom Holland movies? Are you ready for Miles Morales instead or are you glad Peter will be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Jon Watts hasn’t directed much but I have seen one thing he did that was cool. A bunch of creative folks broke Robocop down into scenes and remade it for no money (and parodied it). It was called Our Robocop Remake. Here’s a scene where he plays a rapist, and he directed a scene in it too, but I’m not sure which one: