Mars Attacks! #2

Vincent   August 12, 2008   2 Comments on Mars Attacks! #2

It’s time for your weekly dose of Mars Attacks!

The long journey through space was over and the Martian soldiers were eager to start the attack. Finally at rest after traveling 48,000,000 miles, the saucers awaited their instructions from their home base on Mars. Powerful weapons had been transported across space… weapons so destructive that Earth would be crippled beyond repair. Centuries ago the Martians had learned how to harness the sun’s energy. This solar energy now operated the deadly weapons that Mars used in its battles. Long ago the solar power was used to build beautiful cities and ingenious inventions. All this was changed now… Earth was to be conquered.

Well, the Martians are now on their way to kill us all, fantastic. It’s nice that the at least one scientific fact is given here that is oddly precise. Hey, kids! The Martians are coming to melt your face… oh and by the way they traveled at 48,000,000 miles to get here and used a fusion engine that generated 4.8 giga-watts of power. Have a nice death!

This card also works to drive home the fact that the Martians used to be good people and are forced into their current predicament, which wouldn’t make me feel any better when I heard Martian boots marching down my street.

So yeah, this isn’t the world’s most exciting card, but it’s the foreplay for the horrid death and destruction that will follow. And man, next week’s card gets us on the ground running like a man on fire. Literally.

  • What happened? Why did they decide to conquer Earth? Or is this just another in a long line of conquests?

  • Vincent

    You must have missed my post of card one. Their planet is dying so they decided to F us over.