Machete: Now with Guts and Boobs! (NSFW)


Machete, the movie about the most bad ass Mexican ever who will do your assassination job for less than an American gun-for-hire, now has a red band trailer. I was excited about the movie before, but in this trailer Robert Rodriguez says, “Hey guys, remember all that cool stuff in the regular trailer? Well, now there’s lots of tits and gore.” And I’m all like, “What!? What!? Holla!” And I give it the Awesome Stamp of Awesomeness:


And as Topless Robot points out, when the hell was it okay to see boobs on You Tube?

Thanks to: Topless Robot

  • Thumbs up!!! and it’ll be taken off you tube by the end of the day.. boo!!!

  • There’s actually a ton of tits and even bush on YouTube. I don’t know how it slips through sometimes. It’s usually in like, random videos though. I was caught off guard by it once and then that same day stumbled across no less than 4 other videos with titties and muff. Go figure.