Luke Builds His Saber, I Lose My Mind

If you’ve noticed a growing amount of Star Wars related posts in the last few days, it’s mostly due to Star Wars Celebration V going on in Florida bringing up the old love of Star Wars again. One of the biggest things to come out of the con so far is the announcement that Star Wars will hit Blu-Ray in 2011. All six movies will come in one package and if having these movies in HD isn’t enough for you, they’ll come with deleted scenes that were never released before on any format. Now that’s what really has got me in a tizzy. I don’t give a damn about most movie extras except for deleted scenes and ever since childhood I’ve been somewhat obsessed with Star Wars deleted scenes. There was the knowledge that there was more Star Wars out there that I wasn’t able to see. It’s pissed me off to no end that none of the DVDs had any of this stuff. Yes, I’m George Lucas’s bitch, but I’ll be a happy bitch when I get my hands on these discs. I’ll also be happy not to have to have flashes going off while watching them and hearing annoying nerds “ooing” and “ahhing” in the background.

Luke builds lightsaber cut scene

  • Which versions? I don’t want the Special Editions.

  • Vincent

    Special editions. You know that for all the bad that’s in them there’s a lot of good too. Maybe I’ll write more about that someday.

  • Mark Hamill says he never filmed this scene so it must be a stand-in. Does that affect your excitement at all?

  • Vincent

    From what I heard no. Here’s why:

    A. Hamill said last year that he didn’t remember filming the scene. It’s understandable that he wouldn’t remember, think about how long ago it was and how short it was and the fact he’s only on screen for three seconds. Actors don’t remember everything they’ve ever done, just as much as we don’t remember every single thing we’ve done at every job we’ve had.

    B. Even if it was a CGI Luke or stand in, I wouldn’t give a shit. I’d be just as excited. I nearly jizzed myself when Arnold showed up in Terminator Salvation. It’s more Star Wars set in the time of the original trilogy. More Star Waaaars!