Lion-O Will Have to be Happy Being Loose on My Shelf

thundercats-lion-o_1Thundercats have been getting a lot of heat lately thanks to a new cartoon and a toy line from Bandai. I haven’t really cared all that much about the new figures, since I’d probably only end up getting a few of the 4 inch figures and have almost zero interest if they don’t look a lot like their old school counterparts, but news broke out recently of an 8 inch Lion-o that’s got me excited.

The sculpting (on this prototype at least) is great. The only possible drawback is that he might not be the same size as the current line of He-Men (Masters of the Universe Classics) figures. The two giants of the muscle-themed heroes of the 80s need to be able to stand together.

There’s a lot of collectors out there that are worried that he might not look so hot as the final product. While I would be disappointed, even if the final product sucks it might be worth it just for the sword.

I also realize I haven’t really weighed in yet on the new Thundercats cartoon and no doubt that you’re all waiting breathlessly to hear what I have to think. Well, your wait is over, while I’m really glad to see that Thundercats are coming back into the spotlight, but really disheartened that all the designs are straight up anime. I loathe anime. I realize that the original cartoon was done by a Japanese production team, but it still had a non-anime stylized look. Why use the same retread god damned big eyed bullshit  that’s played out. So disappointing.

Thanks to: Toy News International

  • I don’t mind the updated designs too much. I only wonder if they simply took the easy way out by just going with the anime-style rather than trying to do something different & unique.

    I was never a huge Thundercats fan, He-Man, Transformers, and GI Joe always took precedence, but I still liked ’em. I know I asked for a couple figures, but my mother said that I already had too many He-Man figures. I used to love going to play at my friend’s house cuz he had a ton of the Thundercats, so I got my play-on with them there.