Lego’s Super Star Destroy Will Destroy Your Wallet


Lego doesn’t fuck around. Sure they make little rather inexpensive sets for kids, but when they bring it, they really bring it. In this case they have broughten with with their four foot Super Star Destroyer. This ship is most famous for being Darth Vader’s bad ass ride, the Executor.

The Lego Executor will be available September 1st and will cost four hundred bucks. A pittence for the most die hard of die hard Lego fans. From the looks of it, it will come with four mini-figures which is kind of a rip off. You should get a whole bucketful of the things for four hundred bucks.

If you happened to listen to the Gaming Bonisode of the Robot’s Pajama Party you would know that show friend Wallace Maximus is one of the biggest Lego collectors ever. I asked if he was planning on getting the set and he said no, he only collects set that are in mini-fig scale. I guess he’s holding out for the scale, 1 million dollar Super Star Destroyer. (Here’s a link of part of his collection on the Robot’s Pajamas Facebook page)

Thanks to: Gizmondo

  • I also like getting really big sets but I won’t get this one because it’s just too long to really put anywhere in the house. I wanted to get the London Bridge but it was too large.

  • That is pretty awesome. I have the original UCS Star Destroyer and it is huge. Can’t imagine how big this must be since it is about a foot longer. Would love to get it if I had money, space and time to build it.

  • Here’s some serious Lego-ing. All the main locations in the Lord of the Rings trilogy:

  • Wallace

    With so many SW lego sets out there, we AFOLs without unlimited budgets need to be somewhat picky in what sets we get. Instead of the $400 for the Executor, I’d rather pick up the UCS Imperial Shuttle for $250 (which IS minifig scale) and sets with new characters they released this year, like Quinlan Vos, Aurra Sing and Shaak Ti. I also need to pick up multiples of the new Ewok Attack set to bulk up my Ewok army.

  • This is one of those things where I think its cool that they made it, but just not really all that practical. Its not even that aesthetically pleasing. I guess if I was a huge Lego SW universe with aforementioned unlimited funds, then sure, otherwise it’d be a pass.

  • I ended up buying this one after all.