Lego Review: Ghostbusters Headquarters

Chris Piers   March 17, 2016   Comments Off on Lego Review: Ghostbusters Headquarters

Lego Ghostbusters HQ

It’s expensive, but the Lego Ghostbusters HQ is a very detailed set. Is it a good value? Is it fun to build? Does it have replay value? I bought it and here’s the review with pictures so that you can decide if you want one too!

The Build

Lego Ghostbusters lab

This was very fun to build. The building has solid walls and floors that hold together great. It feels strong. And there is a lot of detail throughout that keeps it varied up and interesting. There is texture to the exterior. The interior features all sorts of different rooms and areas that do a great job at representing the Ghostbusters’ headquarters from both movies. Above is their lab and pool table. You’ve got computers, maps, dartboards, a boombox, electronics equipment, beakers. The pool table has some colored studs to represent balls and cues that snap onto the wall. Hanging lights. Great, great attention to detail.

Lego Ghostbusters living quarters

The second floor features a mini version of their living quarters. You have three beds so I guess you could recreate the scene of Ray getting a ghost BJ. The dining table comes with a toaster and some pink mood slime so you can recreate the famous Ghostbusters 2 scene where Ray and Egon explain the properties of this special ectoplasm. There’s a stove, fireplace, cupboards with food and cooking stuff, a refrigerator, and even an arcade cabinet.

Lego Ghostbusters garage office

Janine gets her desk with the office area in the back. I have the Ectomobile and while it isn’t shown in this photo, the main doors open up and it fits in here.

The outside features a garbage can, street light, and fire escape! A lot of fun and very solid build.


Lego Ghostbusters HQ interior

There’s a lot of playability to this set once you’re done constructing it. It comes with 12 minifigures, which is a lot. All four Ghostbusters, along with their proton packs and two face printings – normal and scared. Janine, Slimer and two rando ghosts. You also have the cab driver zombie and the library ghost with both a normal face and hair bun and a scary face with wild hair. Finally, Louis Tully and Dana Barrett. They each come with a normal face and hair, but Dana has a second printed face that is a possessed Zuul face and Louis has a second, possessed face and Egon’s helmet thing. Also, the entire HQ opens on one side, swinging out in a “dollhouse” fashion to let you access each room.

Lego Ghostbusters firepoles

On top of that, there are all the rooms mentioned above in the build plus some more small areas to play in. There is a small but detailed bathroom that has ectoplasm bubbling up. More lab area. Lockers for the proton packs. And of course a firepole. There’s a thing to clip the figures on and they spin all the way down. It’s cute and fun. The large main doors also have a smaller door for figures to go through and on the other side are stairs and a small ghost containment unit. It isn’t in the basement, but it’s a nice approximation by putting it on the bottom floor under the stairs.


Lego Ghostbusters wall

The set is expensive. It’s $349.99 and only available in Lego stores or at BUT it has 4,634 pieces. A loose rule of them is 10 cents per brick. That means it’s over $100 less than a lot of comparable sets. So while the high price point means it’s aimed squarely at collectors, it is a very, very good value.

Lego Ghostbusters containment unit

This took me about a week, building for a couple hours each night. So there’s a good amount of time invested in the build and then you can either play or pose the minifigs to recreate scenes. It’s pretty loyal to the movies, considering the scale they’re working at. I absolutely love it and found it to be a very fair price for what you get.

The Verdict

One of my favorite Lego builds ever, based on one of my favorite movies ever. It was a no-brainer for me. I can only give it a perfect review: three out of three thumbs.

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The highest rating on The Robot’s Pajamas.