Lego Review: Batman Classic TV Series Batcave

Chris Piers   March 15, 2016   Comments Off on Lego Review: Batman Classic TV Series Batcave

lego batman 66 batcave

It’s 2,526 pieces of Lego bricks that form a recreation of the main set from the 1960s live action Batman TV show. But is it worth it? Chris bought the set and put it together and reviews it below for the build, the playability and the value. Includes images.

The Build

lego batman climbing manor

This is a fairly large Lego set and it was all fun to build. None of it was too repetitive or boring. There are several areas, including a helipad, the Batcomputer, the batpoles in the cave, and a library and Wayne Manor exterior. Plus a few vehicles. So there’s a lot of diversity in what you’re building.

lego batman computer

There are two areas that were a little more wobbly than I’m used to when building Lego. The poles around the power station are at an angle so pressing down onto their tilted base requires you to hold that base so that it clicks into place properly. And the batpole/Wayne Manor section is built on two sets of beams that are a bit loose until you attach some large plates that reinforce everything. Not terrible. It won’t fall apart once you put it in place. But it was a bit shakier than I’m used to with Lego.

lego batman batmobile

That said, the vehicles are especially fun to build. The Batmobile is a big highlight. It looks incredibly faithful to the show. It features two stud shooter guns and rolling wheels with great printed batlogo hubcabs. It was one of my favorite parts to build, along with the 3-story batpole segment of the set.

lego batman batcopter

There is a lot of nice detail in the bricks you use, to help give the cave texture. It also features about 30 stickers. I don’t love stickers because they’re often small and my hands are big. Some people love the stickers. I don’t deny that they make it look great, but for the “fun” part, I’ve never really loved applying the stickers. Still, 30 isn’t THAT many at all for a set this size. A lot of the bricks feature printing including the helicopter’s dome, the library’s wallpaper and the Batmobile’s hubcaps.


lego batman library

There is a lot of playability to this set. More than most. You get Batman and Robin AND Bruce and Dick. You also get an Alfred the Butler and four supervillain minifigs: Joker, Penguin, Riddler and Catwoman. Most of the figures (everyone except Penguin) feature two printed facial expressions, a “normal” look and a surprised look.

lego batman batpole

The library features the Shakespeare bust which you can raise to find the button and then you can slide the bookshelf aside to reveal the batpoles. It’s a pretty small area but loaded with screen-accurate detail.

lego batman batpole 2

The cave part of the batpole is two stories tall. The figures do NOT get on the pole in the library and go all the way down. That would have been nice. Instead, there are small platforms at the top which you can reach into from the sides to place Batman and Robin. If they clip onto a grippable brick, they spin around all the way down. Cute but it’s too bad it didn’t extend all the way up into the library.

lego batman villains

There is a bunch of sciency lab equipment that you can place wherever. You can also position the three main segments of the cave however you like. They slide together but do not lock in place. My favorite detail in all of this is the Joker’s face. They printed it with a little mustache, just like actor Caesar Romero had and painted over! Hilarious attention to detail.


lego batman vehicles

The set retails for $269.99 and is sold exclusively in Lego stores and on For 2,526 pieces, that’s a pretty decent value. It’s not spectacular but it’s a little cheaper than some licensed sets like Star Wars and well under the brick value of the City sets. It’s expensive enough that it’s primarily aimed at the collector but a super nice parent could give this to their kids and those kids would get a lot of play value out of it with all the minifits, settings and vehicles.

lego batman lab

A super fan could also recreate moments from the TV show or 60s movie since it also includes the Batcopter and Batcycle. If you have a nice place to show it off, this is a really detailed and dynamic set. I really don’t have a great place to show it off, as you can probably tell from the photos I had to take on my kitchen table. For me, the majority of the fun is in building it. Then I eventually break my Lego sets down and put them in storage and then sell them after they’re no longer carried in stores.

lego batman batmobile full detail

I was definitely a fan of the Batman show reruns as a kid so being able to recreate the set and Batmobile was a unique treat for me. I think this is more targeted than most sets. I mean, how many people are still big fans of this version of Batman AND like Lego? I feel lucky that there were enough because I did find the set to be worth what I paid for the entertainment I got building it and, for now, looking at it. One of my favorite aspects is that you can make Batman and Robin climb up a wall and they’ll click into place on the side of a wall perpendicular to it in such a way that it reminds me how they did it on the show (they would film the actors simply walking along a floor that had been designed to look like a wall and rotate the cameras 90 degrees).

The Verdict

Two and a half thumbs out of three

I give this one 2 and a half out of 3 thumbs. A fun build with a tremendous look. Fine value. Just wish the build had been a little stronger and they’d made the batpole connect with the library.