Lego Ents Attack!

Vincent   October 4, 2011   3 Comments on Lego Ents Attack!


While it seems fairly common to see massive Lego projects based in the Star Wars universe, I don’t see Lord of the Rings Lego creations as much as I should. This massive seven foot tall Tower of Orthanc built in mini-fig scale helps make up for that.  The last march of the Ents is pretty much my favorite moment in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, so I’m really digging this Lego creation.

The details on the water are so sweet.

The details with the water are so sweet.

I bet he's pissed.

I bet he's pissed.

Hitching a ride.

Hitching a ride.

I’ve only got a few of the images from the last march here, so be sure to check out all of them on the creator’s photostream.

Thanks to: Brothers Brick

  • Last year I went to some Lego convention and someone had made a medieval Lego world that stretched about 30 feet long. Castles, cliffs, seas, forests, villages, dragons. It was pretty impressive.

  • Always amazed at people’s Lego creations. The size of that thing is amazing. Love the way the created the water.

  • Neat. I always liked how Saruman has to just be wondering what he’s going to tell his boss…so fired.