Lego Back to the Future? Oh, that’s a Thing that’s Happening!

Lego fans and Back to the Future fans should both be excited. Yesterday, Lego announced through its Cuusoo site that they will release an official Back to the Future set in mid-2013.

The Delorean, Marty and Doc are all going to be brickified

The DeLorean, Marty and Doc are all going to be brickified

Read on to see how it happened and to see more images of what it will probably look like!

In 2008, Lego created a website called Cuusoo which allows users to submit their ideas for Lego products. Once an idea reaches 10,000 supporters, Lego will review the idea on a quarterly basis and if it passes their review, it becomes available for purchase on the Lego Cuusoo site. Lego will review the set for how well constructed the design is, whether any licenses need to be procured, research the potential sales in the market and analyze what the costs would be. The only properties that are inelligible would be ones that feature alcohol, sex, drugs, religion or post WWII warfare. Some properties that have been rejected include Firefly and Shaun of the Dead. Watch the video below to see the results of their Summer review:

Lego has produced three very unique sets through this program. The Shinkai 6500, a highly advanced submersible vehicle capable of diving to a depth of 6,500 meters; the Hayabusa Japanese unmanned spacecraft which will return a sample from the near-Earth asteroid 25143 Itokawa; and a Minecraft set which involved procuring a license for the popular building game from Mojang. The Back to the Future set was proposed by Masashi Togami and Sakuretsu and rapidly hit the required number of supporters.


A Back to the Future 2 variation could include the 2015 version of the car and Marty’s hoverboard

The set passed Lego’s Summer review and will be released in mid-2013. Lego will update fans on the exact date and price as they begin official development.


Back to the Future 3 version with combustion engine and Western gear

One of the coolest elements to this story? The creators of this idea, Masashi and Team BTTF have announced that they will donate their royalties (1% of all sales) to the Michael J. Fox Foundation in an effort to help fight Parkinson’s disease. So buying this set (or sets) will actually be helping a great charity.

Details on the DeLorean

Details on the DeLorean

Team BTTF isn’t done yet. They have another idea currently gathering votes at Cuusoo. It’s a larger, remote-control version of the Back to the Future DeLoreon using Technic bricks for the build. You can keep the momentum going by supporting that project here. You have to figure that if Lego already procured the Back to the Future license and Masashi’s creations utilize existing brick designs, this has a great chance of moving forward!

Remote controlled Lego UCS DeLorean Time Machine

Remote controlled Lego UCS DeLorean Time Machine

  • Wallace

    This is great news! I hope this leads to a Universal line that has sets from old movies or tv shows.