Leeloo From The Fifth Element (Sort of SFW)

For me, film The Fifth Element is one of the most disappointing sci-fi flicks of all time. It had everything in it that should make me love it, but I hated it. Chris Tucker is one of the most annoying actors in the history of cinema and he explodes with the power of ten Jar Jars in The Fifth Element. And don’t get me started on that god damned blue singing alien.One of the few positives is that Milla Jovovich wears next to nothing, so therefore when cosplayers decide to tackle her character they in turn have to wear almost no clothes. In fact, good versions of the bandage costume feature undercleave. Sweet!


Nothing funny or strange here. Just a hot, half naked chick standing in front of some bushes.


“Look uncomfortable and a bit pensive! Perfect!”


Nothing is hotter than awkwardly posing in front of  a dirty concrete wall.


Soft focus cosplay. I hate soft focus!


While I hate soft focus, I’m a big fan of undercleave.


This version of the costume is more modest, but it kind of matches the girl wearing it. I want to give her Twizzlers and watch Disney movies with her.


At my apartment that Multi Pass would buy her unlimited Tecate and some fuzzy memories.


Hummana, Hummana…


I really don’t know what’s going on here. It’s just hot.


And now for the version that’s just white tape and men’s jockey shorts. Sweet.


Raise your hands in the air if you just don’t care… and if you’re showing your boobs.


The costume would be more effective if you didn’t have bra sticking out or wore ugly slippers.


You couldn’t at least find white flip-flops or a white purse?


This is frightening. Not sexy. Just really, really scary.


That dude on the right has a really cute face.


This picture is filled with all kinds of wrong.


While this female person is really cute, that costume is so god damned impractical. How would she go to the bathroom?


I have the feeling that this lady could make any ridiculous costume look amazing.


She’s trying to find her dignity.



Disclaimer: I find pictures through random searches on the net. If you are the copyright owner of the image(s) and have a huge problem with it(them) being here, just let me know in the comments and I’ll remove the offending image(s). I also don’t know any of the people in the pictures nor do I care to (unless you’re really hot), so if I make fun of you and it upsets you, I’m really sorry. You’re an innocent victim of childish “humor”.

  • Jason P

    Admiral Ackbar approves!

  • Andrew K

    It’s a trap!

  • Even though he’s annoying in nearly every movie he’s in, I find Jar Jar far more annoying than Chris Tucker was in The Fifth Element. I also really liked the blue singing alien’s techno opera.

    At least I think we can both agree that the cosplayers here seem to have more breasts than Milla Jovovich did in the movie. Except that last one.

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  • Shaggy Doo

    Teh Japs are doing a 1/6 12″ custom action figure that has the face of Nicole Kidman. Nicole Kidman as a Leeloo? I don’t even wanna think about it. Well maybe back in the day..

  • Kevin

    You are SO wrong about this movie. It’s kinda like drinking whiskey, it tastes bad at first, but with a little open mindedness, you can really appreciate it. Even though Chris Tucker is totally annoying, when’s the last time you listened to some of the Deejays on the radio nowadays? And also think, this is SCIENCE FICTION! You have to have a little imagination, not everything is going to fit into your view of what is proper and acceptable in our current life. The fifth element is like an elaborate opera, with beautiful sets and props, amazingly choreographed split scenes (a-la Return) and great sci-fi concepts. I loved Gary Oldman, Bruce Willis, Ian Holm and Milla Jovovich (perhaps the only film I’ve really liked her in.) I will concede that Zeus is rather unbelievable as the President, but in all other ways this film is a diamond in the poor cgi rough that is the sci-fi genre.

  • Vincent

    I don’t listen to regular radio…

    Also, I don’t want to have to make myself like a movie.

  • stuffsticks

    Great last pic… really not what i wanted to see after the hot half naked ladies………

    good Work

  • Girl

    The Fifth Element is unique, creative and beautiful. I honestly feel anyone who does not like the Fifth Element, is probably a useless piece of scum on this earth. The entire movie is about prevailing over ignorance and evil, which is essentially what YOU seem to be.

  • Dear Girl, I don’t like the film, but I never said I didn’t like the theme of overcoming evil. I can still not like the tone or terrible stylistic choices and the horrendously annoying character Chris Tucker plays. And your sentence structure is terrible. The way it reads is that I am prevailing over ignorance and evil.

  • Marietta NLG

    I love this movie and more than all those costume..I wish I buy them!!!..SO, you’re Problem!

  • boweryboy

    That last pic is all kinds of WIN!