League of Extraordinary Bloggers: Hake’s Shopping Spree 2

This is only the second time I’ve done a League of Extraordinary Bloggers and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the first one was also a post about what I’d buy at the auction site Hake’s Americana if I had some extra cash in my pockets. This time I went through hundreds of items in their latest auction and found a bunch of cool stuff. Seriously, it was painful thinking about all the wonderful things I couldn’t get. Still… it was fun seeing all the great things that are available from Hake’s Americana. Let’s check out the cream of the crop!

Vintage Indiana Jones Figure

Hakes Auction Indiana Jones

Holy cow, I’ve love to own this Indiana Jones figure from Kenner. Even though I love Indiana Jones and I also loved toys, I somehow never got one of the Indiana Jones figures. It might be due to the fact that by the time Indiana Jones was a little more age appropriate the Kenner Indiana Jones figures were long gone from stores. It was a love that couldn’t be.

Vintage Carded Star Wars Figures

Hakes Auction Darth Vader and Stormtrooper

I still haven’t given up hope on being able to get a few more Star Wars figures carded from the old Kenner line, but the ones that are reasonable on the collectors market are from Return of the Jedi. This Darth Vader and Stormtrooper are from the very first Star Wars movie, they look rad, and they’re damned rare. Want!

Magic Poster

Hakes Auction Darth George

George isn’t exactly the most impressive name for a magician, but look at that great vintage art! I especially love all the things that were mysterious back then, from ancient Egypt to literal demons.

Lone Ranger Badge

Hakes Auction Lone Ranger

I love this Lone Ranger badge because it’s not only a licensed Lone Ranger product, but it’s useful. With this badge you can go out and legally bust cattle thieves, train robbers, and all sorts of evil people you’ll find in the Old West.

Signed EC Portfolio

Hakes Auction EC Portfolio

Now this is a cool piece. Not only is this a cool EC Horror portfolio, but it is signed by some real giants of the comic’s industry AND one of the most famous sci-fi authors of all time! Among the autographs you get are Bill Gaines, Frank Franzetta, and Ray Bradbury.

GoBots Art by Steve Ditko

Hakes Auction Gobots art

Man, this is a weird, yet totally sweet find. It’s original Steve Ditko art (co-creator of Spider-Man for a Go-Bots kids book. What a great combination for a comic book fan who also loves toys!

Batman Ride

Batman ride

Now this thing is almost too fantastic for words. It’s a vintage style Batman carnival ride! You’d have to be insane to not want this if you’re a geek (with money and lots of space).

Shadow Rings

Hakes Auction Shadow ring

I love the Shadow and this display with rings is a really cool collectible. I really love the artwork on this one. It kind of makes the Shadow look like a Green Lantern.

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*This post was sort of semi-sponsored, because it counts as an entry to win some cash from Hake’s.