League of Extraordinary Bloggers: Auction House Shopping Spree!

There’s this group called the “League of Extraordinary Bloggers” where each week they tackle various topics. Since I’m not a joiner (mostly because I can’t be held to a regular thing) I haven’t joined in… until now!

The challenge this week was to go over to the Hakes America website and pick out anything we wanted as if we were rich people. Part of the fun of this post was pretending I had money, the other is that I get a chance to win cash to use at Hakes for writing this post, so keep in mind that it’s kind of sponsored in a way. Still, I’ll never write a sponsored-ish post that isn’t entertaining, so enjoy my top 7 picks at Hakes of America!

1. Dino Riders


Holy shit, Hakes has got a ton of cool Dino Riders stuff. If I had unlimited funds I would of course buy it all, but if I had to narrow it down to one thing, I suppose it would be the MIB T-rex, one of the coolest toys ever.


If I could pick two things it would be the T-Rex and these toy schematics, because I loves me some vintage toy art and packaging. I’d frame those babies.

2. Propaganda Posters


Hakes has got a lot of great WWII era stuff, including propaganda posters. This one his hilarious. I never trust a dame. They’re always blabbing their fool mouths off.

3. Racist Memorabilia


One of the best things about going into antique stores is seeing all the really uncomfortable racist shit. This pin calling for Martin Luther King to be jailed is douche chill inducing.

And I totally wouldn’t actually buy this and secretly wear it so nobody could see it or anything…

4. Star Wars Vintage Figures


If I had more money I’d love to collect Star Wars vintage figures on card. I have a few of them, with perhaps the best being Wicket signed by Warwick Davis. This six figure set at Hakes is great because it has one of my most wanted, the Royal Guard, plus a 4-Lom and a Pilot Luke.

5. Weird Sex Fantasy


This is just too weird to pass up. It’s an art set signed by the artist Wally Wood. Wood is most famous for his fantastic art in the EC comics horror and fantasy titles. This is not just some dirty art either, this is some high quality dirty art. This set is so dirty that I can’t even post it here. Click at your own risk! If you ever wanted to see Darth Vader raping Leia in the classic EC Comics art style you’re kind of a sick fuck, but it’s for sale if you want it!

6. Kellog’s Pep Pins


I’m a big fan of Old Time Radio and I’ve listened to a lot of the old Superman episodes from the 1930s. At one point they ran a ton of ads pimping these collectible pins as a give away for the Kellog’s cereal Pep. It would be neat to own something so old that I’ve heard advertised a billion times.

7. Superman Muscle Building Club


Speaking of Superman, wow this would be cool to own. It’s a Superman Muscle Building certificate and pin. As someone who likes working out and building muscle, there’s nothing that would help keep me focused more than if I was an official part of the Superman Muscle Building Club!

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