Larry Miller as Green Lantern


I find comedian / actor both hilarious and enlightening, particularly on his podcast called This Week with Larry Miller. Larry is the kind of actor you might not know by name, but the dude has been in a billion things. Some of his more famous roles have been in films like Pretty Woman and Best in Show. Larry is the master of making you feel like you’re hanging out with him while you listen, instead of feeling like your listening to some dude talk about stuff.

I was surprised and excited to learn that not only does he enjoy Green Lantern, but he knows the Green Lantern oath by heart. This made me think, I would love to see Larry Miller as a Green Lantern. Since I’m friends or at least acquaintances with several talented artists, I put out a call to action on Twitter asking for a drawing of Mr. Miller in a Green Lantern costume. At least several seconds went by before our friend Chris Piers (of Television Zombies and many other fine products) sent me a link to the above picture. Amazing. Thank you Chris, and thank you Internet for existing, because otherwise I would not have this in my life.

  • At first I thought he was wearing a one-piece bathing suit. Either that or a wife beater & depends.

  • It’s the Silver Age costume.

  • Gotcha! I didn’t immediately recognise the name “Larry Miller” but it definitely rang a bell. He’s been in a ton of stuff, definitely one of those underrated character actors whose face everyone knows, but nobody knows his name. Sorta like David Paymer. David Who? He’s been in dozens of movies and tv shows but show his picture to someone and they’ll be hard pressed to name him.

  • Abby

    I listen to Larry Miller’s podcast and saw a link to this on my facebook page. All I can say is”I LOVE IT!!!!!” So cool, thanks for the drawing.