Knicker Picker = Greatest Thing Ever (Kinda Risky)

I’d like to point out one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen on the entire internet ever. It’s called the “Knicker Picker” and it is supposed to help a woman to pick out various undergarments by having several models virtually try them on. In reality, it allows guys like me to waste hours of their lives having women personally model underwear for them. Seriously, this is the greatest thing ever if you’re a dude and even better if you’re a nerd dude and can appreciate the use of technology to get your perverted kicks.


Aside from giving my life tremendous amounts of joy, the Knicker Picker also makes me angry. It makes me angry because it made me realize how terrible the porn industry really is. Underwear salespeople are creating the greatest application ever what does the porn industry give us? The same boring stuff they always gave us. Where’s the innovation? Where’s the Bill Gates of porn? Don’t tell Babette, but I’d pay for a site that was just like this except a bit more sexy, i.e. it had a few more commands for the models… if you know what I mean…. (add disgusting chuckle there)

By the way, what’s more unsexy? The word “knicker” or “panty”? I think they’re both equally awful.

Thanks to: DoubleDumbass

  • “Come Closer” = Greatest Button Ever.

  • Somehow I could not find the button that says, remove them all, start from scratch. LOL