Kingdoms of Camelot: My Newest Time Waster

Vincent   June 9, 2010   Comments Off on Kingdoms of Camelot: My Newest Time Waster


I recently got sucked into a new Facebook game called Kingdoms of Camelot. After playing Vampire Wars for a second and Mafia Wars even less, I pretty much wrote off all Facebook games as completely useless. Yeah, I did enjoy Dungeons and Dragons: Tiny Adventures, but that wasn’t so much a game as it was a kind of cool diversion. Kingdoms of Camelot is more like a real game than that by far.

You get your own castle and lands, which is pretty boss considering I’m renting in real life. Your goal in the game is to build up mini-kingdom along with your army to become the most kick ass dudes in the medieval world. It reminds me of games like Civilization, though it’s a lot more limited in the amount of things you can do. Not only do you build up your fiefdom, but there is a PvP aspect of the game that plays a big part of it. What’s cool is that is that it’s way more detailed than I’ve ever expected. Will I get pissed when some power player tramples me? Yes, and I’ll probably throw a hiss fit and quit. Until then though, I’ll be playing the hell out of it.