Kickstarting a Star Wars Toy Advertisement Book

Vincent   May 16, 2016   Comments Off on Kickstarting a Star Wars Toy Advertisement Book


Man alive, it seems like every week there’s a book about toys and toy collecting that I need to help Kickstart. This time it’s Philip J. Reed of fame is back again with another Star Wars book. This time he collected cool old toy advertising from newspaper ads and put them into a book he calls, “Collect These Figures & Accessories.”

As I’ve stated numerous times, I get a kick out of the ephemera of toy collecting. All the extra licensed stuff like tooth brushes, kids books, and even advertising, so this subject matter really appeals to me.


If you want a hardcover copy of “Collect These” it’s 25 bucks, which isn’t too shabby for a hardcover book. Especially since Phil’s previous works have been very high quality.

There’s only six days to go on this Kickstarter at the time of publishing this post, so hop on now. Oh and if you missed out on his previous books (not including his Transformers ones), that includes “Collect These” and those books.