Kickstart This? Uwe Boll’s Postal 2

Vincent   August 29, 2013   Comments Off on Kickstart This? Uwe Boll’s Postal 2


Uwe Boll has hit Kickstarter and is trying to get funds to create Postal 2. It totally seems fake, but there’s video of him so it has to be legit. What he has to say about Postal 2 (all grammar, spelling, and typing mistakes are his):

POSTAL 2 will finally destroy the filmindustry and the world we are living in. We could name the movie also HONEY BOOBOO must die ….but so many people deserve to die. Why starting with a child? Did Osama die? We know. And why the Navy Seals were too stupid to land a helicopter on a free field? Why did Building 6 collapse? We explain. Why is Obama is like Bush? We show you.

Hey, if anyone can question the tactics of the Navy Seals and get to the bottom of 9/11, then it’s Uwe Boll, the director of Alone in the Dark II!

It is hard to believe, but this thing already has five grand. Someone already gave a thousand bucks. Hurry now to be that one person to give 10 grand, the reward is simply too amazing to pass up!

You recieve a credit as executive producer and have permanntly access to the set in Vancouver / Canada. Flight, transfer and lodging is not included.