Kickstart This? The Ghostbusters 2 Kickstarter


I’m a big fan of Ghostbusters. Not a super fan like some people who frighten me, but much larger than most people. That’s why this Ghosbusters 2 Kickstarter to get a documentary off the ground caught my attention like a proton stream catching a ghost (boy, that was a stretch).

I didn’t realize how much of Ghostbusters 2 had gotten cut, what with the loss of a subplot featuring Louis Tully trying to be a Ghostbuster. A fan decided to make a documentary about the difficulties in making the film as well as trying to make a version of the movie that contains this cut material, which is simply an awesome goal that I totally support.

Now for the part where I get a bit negative.

This is being put together by a Ghostbusters fan and to be honest there’s so much reading here that I didn’t catch any kind of reference to past experiences in film making, so if it’s there I’m sorry I didn’t see it. I checked out his linkedin account and he says he’s directed some short films that are on YouTube. That’s not exactly confidence building.

Now I have zero idea how this guy is supposed to get a Ghostbusters 2 extended cut done. Isn’t that something that a studio is responsible for or at the very least will commission such a project. I guess the hope is that if this project gets enough support Sony will either work with the dude or put some thought into releasing the unreleased footage.

If this guy were able to get this done, I’d totally buy a copy. Not really into donating in the *hopes* it gets done though. If you’re a Ghostbusters fan that was willing to pay 200 bucks for the (now cancelled) Ecto-1 toy car from Mattel, then you probably want to consider this Kickstarter. If you’re not, how do you feel about this thing?

Link: Ghostbusters 2 Extended Cut

  • Shawn Padraic Murphy

    The extended cut cannot be obtains. You could maybe get the rights to access the deleted scenes, but doing the whole movie that a major studio owns just with a few more scenes in it? The Extended Cut is still the same movie; I’ve never seen seperate rights between 2 version of the same movie except for bad Korean knockoff anime (all the versions of Legend and Blade Runner are still owned by the same studio). And is he trying to put it on DVD or free on the internet? I feel like this guy doesn’t know how copyright law works. The documentary should have been his only goal, then, if successful maybe he could try the Extended cut seperately. It seems very stupid to attach both of them together.

  • RobotsPJs

    The only thing I can really see coming from this is Sony noticing there’s interest and putting it out themselves. And I agree. I think the Extended Cut is the pipe dream to get people interested in the idea that they might otherwise not take notice of.