Keebler Chocolate Chip Cookie Cereal is Disgusting

Vincent   March 6, 2017   Comments Off on Keebler Chocolate Chip Cookie Cereal is Disgusting

Keebler Cereal

In the world of cross branding Keebler (owned by Kellogs) make their cookies into cereal and spoiler: It’s really gross.

The cereal consists of some balls of stuff and some tiny little cookies. And the whole thing is way too sweet. I have no idea how this passed the protype stage.

I used to eat this kind of garbage all of the time. I could create a huge list of all the sugary cereals I gulped down. Just a few years though I switched to mostly kinda healthy cereal like raisin bran with an occasional dip into Cocoa Pebbles or Count Chocola, so the lure of garbage cereal isn’t completely foreign to me.


Keebler Cereal Balls.

It’s weird that this cereal is chocolate chip cookie flavored. That’s the last type of cookie I’d think of when I think of the Keebler elves. I’m confounded that this isn’t an EL Fudge favored cookie.

Another point: Do kids have any connection to Ernie the Elf? He’s an old dude elf in a sea of yellow. You’d think they’d have another character or two that was a little more visually interesting with him. Hell, Cookie Crisp (a much superior version of cookie cereal) eventually dropped the wizard, cop, and crook to keep the more interesting dog. Why isn’t there an elf that’s related to something kids like… like a rapper elf or a drone elf? An elf on a hoverboard maybe?

What do I know? I’m nearly forty years old and I’m eating cookie cereal for my blog.

Note: Picture of the Keebler balls came from this cereal blog, they have a much better review than mine.