Jump into the Futurama and Friends Family Fun Pit (Don’t take away Futurama!!)


I’ll be honest, I’ve always been a huge fan of Futurama. In a time where the Simpsons (although one of my all time favorite shows) was starting to show its age, Futurama was a delightfully geeky and sci-fi alternative from the same great minds. Sadly, Futurama was taken away from us all too soon but thanks to the geniuses (and I use that term loosely as of recent news) at Comedy Central it was brought back to life and some will say even better then ever.

Last week’s episode was a fantastic tongue-in cheek bash on Futurama’s predecessors (i.e. early morning cartoons) and really showed why Futurama is a cult favorite (although it deserves much higher regard in my humble opinion).

We were treated to three different views on Saturday morning cartoons ranging from a classic scooby doo parody (with a fantastic George Takei cameo), to a all too kid friendly smurf like village (with a not to secret plot to sell their cereal), to a fantastic G.I. Joe knock on cartoon violence (beware the Acronym!)

We will find out soon weather this issue was ratings or money or whatever it is now a days that gets crowd favorites cancelled, but in a time where every show is just trying to push the envelope past each other (who can fart and say shit the loudest, south park or family guy?) it was nice to see a show take an alternate route and still stand head and shoulders above the pack.

Futurama you will be missed! and Comedy Central you can bite my shinny metal ass for taking away one of my favorite shows!

  • I thought the Scooby-Doo parody was great, but the Strawberry Shortcake one I found cloying and boring, and the G.I.Zapp segment suffered greatly from the distracting “censorship” gag. It was a poor chose of parody; anyone who actually watched the 1980s G.I. Joe cartoon knows it wasn’t really violent at all (due to the exact sort of protests the segment shows).

    And I know Matt Groening has this deathless hate for Richard Nixon, but the way Futurama uses him as the president is increasingly out-of-touch.

    Sorry to be so negative. I love Futurama, thought the first segment was great, but I was so excited by the premise of this episode and ended up so disappointed…