Judge Minty: Watch the Full Judge Dredd Fan Film

Chris Piers   May 22, 2013   Comments Off on Judge Minty: Watch the Full Judge Dredd Fan Film


Judge Minty was a character in the Judge Dredd comics that was retired from the force for being too kind. He elected to take “The Long Walk” instead of retiring somewhere nice in Mega City One. The Long Walk is where a Judge walks alone into “the Cursed Earth” and tries to bring law to the lawless wastelands outside of the city, until he dies.

2000 AD writer Michael Carroll wrote the Judge Minty fan film and it was directed by Steven Sterlacchini, who also co-wrote. The 30 minute film is based on the character created by John Wagner and Mick McMahon. Since we probably won’t get another Judge Dredd movie (despite Dredd 3D being a great action movie) this is a pretty excellent substitute.

Link: Official Judge Minty site here

Vincent’s Point: I was surprised at how cool this was. Normally I totally detest fan films. This left me hungry for more. I was really impressed with the production values, particularly the costumes. Great stuff.