Jon Bernthal Joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe as The Punisher

jon bernthal will be the punisher

While Marvel fans have waited to see if Daredevil season 2 casts someone as Bullseye, they’ve surprised us all by announcing that The Punisher will be introduced in season 2 of the Netflix show. He will be played by Walking Dead and Fury actor Jon Bernthal. In the comics, Punisher and Daredevil patrol the same areas of New York City and both want to take down organized crime but with one crucial difference: Punisher kills the criminals while Daredevil refuses to kill and wants to have them tried and convicted in a court of law. Neither is superpowered, but both are a fierce match for one another.

daredevil vs punisher

An exciting swerve from Marvel. Can’t wait to see their interpretation of Punisher and his tragic past. Punisher would also be a great supporting player in future Spider-Man and Captain America movies as well as Marvel’s various TV shows on both Netflix and ABC. Punisher is an interesting character but has frequently best been utilized as a supporting player opposite other superheroes to display their contrasting philosophies. No word yet on how many episodes he will appear in. Producer Jeph Loeb said: “Jon Bernthal brings an unmatched intensity to every role he takes on, with a potent blend of power, motivation and vulnerability that will connect with audiences. Castle’s appearance will bring dramatic changes to the world of Matt Murdock and nothing will be the same.”

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This will mark the fourth time a live action Punisher has been cast (he’s previously been played by Dolph Lundgren, Thomas Jane, and Ray Stevenson). Three previous movie versions have been made although none have been connected to one another or to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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  • Skewed_View

    Hmmm, I doubt I’m alone in thinking this seems like a great casting choice. I’ve never been a huge Punisher fan, but I certainly like him, and can’t wait to see him in the show.