Joes For Tots Needs You!

Vincent   September 23, 2010   Comments Off on Joes For Tots Needs You!


Hello fellow awesome people, we here at the Robot’s Pajamas have  a request, no a plea, for help. You see, the last two years your humble author has organized a contest in order to encourage giving to the Toys For Tots organization during the holiday season. Both years I poured a lot of time and energy into it with mixed results. On the one hand, I did get a lot of entries, but on another it didn’t feel like I was getting enough entries to justify all the time and work put into the whole thing. Simply put, this is not a one man operation and needs new blood.

So what I’m looking for are a couple of volunteers willing to give me a hand and hopefully grow the contest. Duties would include trying to spread word about the contest by emailing website authors, posting in forums, tweeting, or doing anything that I’m not smart enough to do. There would be other smaller stuff, but that’s the bulk of it. And don’t get me wrong, it’s not like a part time job, just a little too much for little ole me.

The ideal candidate will have some kind of writing experience, be it blogging or whatever. They must also be trustworthy, want to help kids, and know what they other half of the battle is.

What kind of reward would you get for this? Well, they don’t call it volunteer work for nothing. You would be helping kids though, because the contest has been proven to generate Toys For Tots donations when there otherwise would not have been. I’ll also link to your blog, podcast, or project or whatever it is you do in your spare time.