Jessica Rabbit in the Flesh (SFW)

Jessica Rabbit is perhaps one of the most sexually charged cartoon characters of all time, so it’s kind of odd that she appears in a movie made to entertain children. Roger Rabbit is a great movie for any age and some ladies who grew up watching it have decided to dress up like Roger Rabbit’s wife Jessica. We’ve got a collection of some of them here. Hold on to your hats, this is a good one!


Jessica Rabbit, a Zombie, and Slim Jim guy at the lamest Halloween party of all time.

jessicarabbitcosplaycostume017I wonder if the regular hotel patrons ever have their minds blown by all these weirdos taking pictures.

jessicarabbitcosplaycostume005This picture might have been taken at a hotel I stayed in. I also may or may not have peed in that plant.


Jessica Rabbit poses with her nightmare inducing husband.


Nothing can stop their love, not even Roger Rabbit swallowing this man whole like an Anaconda eating a pig.

jessicarabbitcosplaycostume009She’s about to burst into song about how annoying it is to be photographed by perverts.


Certainly not the most kinky thing that this hotel balcony has seen.


This is way less creepy than those Japanese brand cosplay upskirts.


Jessica and Roger cheer up this poor victim of bulimia.


Apparently, to fully capture the spirit of Jessica Rabbit your arms have to be nonsensically stretched into the air.


The arm up in the air is a nice start, but this is seriously the laziest Jessica Rabbit costume ever.


Jessica Rabbit creates the perfect MySpace profile pic.


Gentlemen (nerds), start your cranking.


Get it? Jessica Rabbit. See, there’s a rabbit.


“Excuse me, Miss. While you are incredibly attractive and would never sleep with me, I must point out that Jessica Rabbit does not, in fact, wear slippers.”

jessicarabbitcosplaycostume003It gives me great joy to imagine that these are senior yearbook photos.


Here the photographer said, “Quick, come up with the most awkward pose you can think of!”

jessicarabbitcosplaycostume004bSomehow this is an incredibly dirty picture. Impure thoughts!

jessicarabbitcosplaycostume006This photo was labeled as being Heidi Klum. My local Hedi Klum panel of experts have denied this. Who is this?


Jessica Rabbit isn’t just for cosplayers, there’s the creepy latex fetish crowd too!

jessicarabbitcosplaycostume020Egad, the last place I want to lounge sexily is a convention floor that’s fibers are soaked with the sweat of failed nerd hopes and dreams.


This drunken pirate Jedi has just scored himself a white trash version of Jessica Rabbit at the mall. Congrats?


Jessica Rabbit is constipated.


It’s just a funny coincidence that she’s dressed just like Jessica Rabbit.


Girls this hot shouldn’t be allowed to cosplay. It just leads to too much agitating of virgin nerds.


When the Jessica Rabbit call girl shows up at your hotel, you know you’re in for an expensive evening.


Holy crap. I’ve lost the ability to type.


This picture answers the question, “What if Jessica Rabbit lost all her classic sexual appeal and was just slutty?”


This drag queen has some fantastic legs.

jessicarabbitcosplaycostume022Not so much sexy as surly.


Real Housewives of Halloween.


Neither a wood floor nor a smoke machine inspire me to think sexy or comfortable.


Hubba Chubba! Sorry, but that’s not a flattering pose.


I’ll take both, please.

jessicarabbitcosplaycostume002The photographer was taking classes in unflattering angles. This picture earns a B+.


I believe this angle is supposed to be arty. Instead it’s merely annoying and not nearly unflattering enough. D-


Ding, ding, ding! We have found the most unflattering cosplay picture ever! A+

Disclaimer: I find pictures through random searches on the net. If you are the copyright owner of the image(s) and have a huge problem with it(them) being here, just let me know in the comments and I’ll remove the offending image(s). I also don’t know any of the people in the pictures nor do I care to (unless you’re really hot), so if I make fun of you and it upsets you, I’m really sorry. You’re an innocent victim of childish “humor”.

  • Zak

    Slim Jim Guy can’t understand why his costume isn’t getting him laid.

  • Most of these women make the mistake of having rib cages, unlike the real Jessica.

  • Come on man, you shouldn’t be so mean to these girls with your comments. A lot of these girls are very good looking but Jessica Rabbit is just a tough costume to pull off. You should # each picture to make it easier to comment on which one is everyone’s favorite. Which was your favorite?

  • Vincent

    The number thing is a good idea, but comedy doesn’t come from being nice.

  • Autumn

    There’s a 57nyear old British woman who spent over £10,000 on cosmetic surgery to be Jessica Rabbit. I have to say that the pics that I saw weren’t half bad… if you don’t look at the wrinkles and face and flabby arms.

  • The woman mistaken for Heidi Klum in the picture is Courtney Black :)

  • Sandy

    While some girls did look awkward, none of those comments were funny. They’re basically just insults and not even funny ones at that, just rude and annoying.

  • “…just rude and annoying.”

    You mean like your comment?