Jek Porkins Saves the Galaxy

Vincent   August 11, 2010   Comments Off on Jek Porkins Saves the Galaxy


Artist Mark Rehkopf has got himself one sweet looking Jek Porkins poster. Jek Porkins is the rather large X-Wing pilot who valiantly gave his live in service of the Alliance in order to try and defeat the first Death Star in Star Wars: A New Hope. It’s ironic that Jek receives so much guff for being a large dude, even though: 1. He is clearly a hero. 2. He’s never seen being slobby or acting disgusting. 3. There are many, many Star Wars fans that are way fatter than him. It doesn’t help his case at all when was named by George Lucas, perhaps the worst namer of characters in the history of media.

Thanks to: Super Punch