It’s Memorial Day

Vincent   May 25, 2009   Comments Off on It’s Memorial Day


Somehow “happy” and fireworks aren’t things I associate with tombstones.

I’d like to take this space I’ve been provided to publicly thank everyone who died serving our country and those who have served our country that did not die in battle. By the way, I mean “our” as in the U.S., but if you’re on “our” side and you served in your military, you’re great too. Having never been in the military and therefore being useless to my nation, I can only be grateful for those who pick up my enormous slack, especially those who have died doing so. The closest I’ve ever been to combat is in movies like Star Wars and I’m sure it’s not as fun or as clean as my chosen media portrays it to be. Still, whenever I think of a battle the first thing that pops into my mind is the battle for Hoth. Thanks for screwing me up, Mr. Lucas.