It’s Battlestar Galactica, But Fun

I liked the new version of Battlestar Galactica. Well, I did have my off moments and problems with some of the series, but overall it was fairly awesome over all. One of the dissapointing aspects of the show is that it wasn’t exactly “fun” sci-fi. It was exciting, intense, and sometimes scary, yet most of the time it wasn’t exactly fun. It was bleak. Well, for those missing the original show or at least the space adventure part of it, look no further than this teaser trailer that was put together by the original Apollo, Richard Hatch, in order to bring back Battlestar Galactica in the 1990s.

The world really missed out on this thing. It’s so cheesy it’s awesome. Fun Battlestar Galactica, I mourn you.

  • i sawe that back in 2001 in san diego. loved it!

  • if i knew where you lived i would come to your place with a knife to your balls and ask you why you are so stupid at viewing tv shows why holding that knife to your balls. The reason being, I want to stop future generations of you from existing if you can’t understand a good show from a “fun” one. – bob saget

  • Vincent

    Quang, you do that tough guy.