It’s a Robot’s Pajama Party Christmas!

Just when you thought The Robot’s Pajamas couldn’t give you any more great content this holiday season, BLAM we slap you across the face with a giant sized summer sausage of awesome. We have a bonus Christmas episode of our podcast, The Robot’s Pajama Party, where we take a very special Christmas themed OTR episode of Dragnet called, “Twenty two rifle for Christmas” and present it to you, for Christmas.

Enjoy the episode!

Oh and speaking of Dragnet, this is hilarious. It’s from the 1980s comedic theatrical take on Dragnet:

  • Ur Dad

    One of my favorite episodes. The actor that played Friday’s partner Barton Yarborough aka Sgt Ben Romero, died shortly after this episode of a heart attack. Later it was said that he had suffered the attack in the shower, fell through the glass doors and ended up bleeding to death.

  • I know what I’m getting the neighborhood kids next Christmas!

    I think the lesson we learned is that Fatima are the best long cigarettes. Everything else was just filler.

    I don’t always smoke long cigarettes, but when I do, I smoke Fatima cigarettes. Fatima are the best long cigarettes.