Italian Ghostbusters really know how to Bust

Vincent   June 10, 2014   Comments Off on Italian Ghostbusters really know how to Bust


Don’t let their fancy sport cars, high end wine, and incredible fashion sense fool you, Italians can be the biggest nerds on the planet. If you had any doubt of that fact the Italian Ghostbusters are here to prove you wrong. In the video below they go into a library and bust Slimer.

I have to use the term “flash mob” loosely, because everyone seems to have been on the gag. It’s still a fun video. The ending is simply hilarious with everyone dancing on the street.


Here’s some more Italian Ghostbusters fans in action. An Italian superfan built a replica of the Ghostbusters containment unit complete with emergency sequence. Insanity.



And of course, Italian Ghostbusters made their own fan film. Take that Fellini!