Iron Man 2 Keeps Looking Awesomer and Awesomerer…er

Iron Man 2 was already shaping up to be pretty cool with the addition of Scarlett Johannson’s boobies and crazy old Mickey Rorke, but what really has me excited now is the addition of War Machine seen here:


Fuck yeah, that’s sweet. If one Iron Man suit is good two has to be better right? Hopefully they’ll keep adding another good guy with each film until you have a Lord of The Rings type battle with Iron Mans. Yeah, I should work in Hollywood.

By the way, if you’re lacking in nerd credentials and are not familiar with War Machine, he’s Iron Man’s buddy who actually had to be Iron Man for awhile before he got his own suit.

My only issue so far is that like with almost all super hero flicks these days, Iron Man’s, if not War Machine’s, helmets will be off during the final battle and we won’t get to see a single nipple on Johannson. That bothers me.

  • Jason P

    Some hot Johannson action would turn this from a blockbuster into a nutbuster… badum ching