Iron Man 2 in EW

Vincent   July 16, 2009   4 Comments on Iron Man 2 in EW

I’m all kinds of excited about Iron Man 2: Iron Harder. There’s going to be a creepily half nude and probably drunk Mickey Rourke and Scarlett Johannson as the Black Widow… and I guess there’s going to be some guy running around as Iron Man as well. Well, if you’re dying to see a little more of what the film might offer, there’s Iron Man action on the cover of this week’s Entertainment Weekly.


If I had any doubts about wanting to see the film, they were pretty much put to rest with this one image. You’ve got three badasses right there for the price of one.


Scarlett Johannson should be in every superhero film. And topless.

  • Jason P

    I agree about Scarlett, but she should be in EVERY film… and TV show… topless


    I don’t think Iron Man 2 could be as good because in the original Stark starts out this cocky, awesome guy. But at the end he’s pretty much p-whipped.

    Maybe he dumps his secretary in #2?

    Also, now that I know that sweet house in Malibu on the cliff overlooking the ocean doesn’t really exist but was computer added to the first movie, what a downer.

    (Hey, sorry for the name and website link. Just couldn’t resist (!) after reading the spam post. LOL

  • Vincent

    Um, yeah. That’s not going to fly here.

  • Could be a great movie as Mickey Rourke is back as he was great in the Wrestler. Scarlett can make any moveie great as she is easy on the eye