Introducing The Robot’s Pajamas File Cards (Shameless Self Promotion)


Introducing The Robot’s Pajamas file cards! I wanted to update the “About Us” page and always liked the idea of doing toy like file cards. Chris Piers has generously been illustrating the profile pics for each card. A friend of ours, Phil, is working on coloring them. I did the rest of the design, with the exception of Herman in the right corner, who was illustrated and colored by my pal Jacon.

Tons of geek sites make their own file cards, so I wanted to give it a different angle. First off, it’s designed more like a Captain Power file card than a G.I. Joe one, which everyone does. Secondly, it’s uniquely designed for the site because the story behind them is that they are our mascot’s, Herman Botsworth, files. Finally, each file card will reveal bits of a greater overall story, kind of like Mattel’s current Masters of the Universe file cards. And much like Mattel’s file cards, the story will probably contradict itself or make things even more confusing!

Now here’s the great part: You can have your very own file card! How do you get one? Well, it comes with a price! If you contribute 10 posts to The Robot’s Pajamas, we can make you a file card of your very own, so you’ll join the story. (In addition to links to your projects and the fame an adoration that comes with writing for The Robot’s Pajamas). That’s write, you’ll be part of the official Robot’s Pajamas lore. It’s what every boy and girl dreams of!

And not only do you get a things like a cool file card to call your own, a place in the pantheon of greatness, and the fame and adoration of millions, but after you print your file card out, you can go ahead and throw out your driver’s license and passport, because a Robot’s Pajamas file card is all the identification you need!

  • Tom Krohne

    Love it

  • gorillahands

    How does one contribute posts to Robot’s Pajamas?

  • RobotsPJs

    Email me at robotspajamas [at] gmail [dot] com to discuss it further!