Introducing… Alf Blog!


Do you like Alf? I suppose that’s a silly question, because obviously everyone likes Alf. Well, the guy that runs Alf Blog certainly does! If you want to catch up on all the latest Alf news and maybe just want to reminisce a bit, be sure to head on over to Alf Blog. You can get great updates like this:

Alf is not from this world, therefore there are some thing from Alf’s culture that are different than ours. On Melmac (Alf’s homeworld) they eat cats. Now that’s funny, because we don’t eat cats here. Well, I think they do in China and I guess that’s not so funny.

I’ve never eaten a cat, but sometimes Mom and I have to eat cat food when I buy too many video games and she loses all her Social Security money at the casino.

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  • Wasn’t Alf’s fondness for cats was a euphemism of some sort? ;)