Cynthia Rothrock in the Greatest Fight Scene EVAR!

This is hands down the greatest action scene of all time. If you don’t agree, you’re crazy. There’s homo-eroticism, terribly bad action, and not one but two catch phrases! Most average action films only offer you one jokey line at a time, but this film kicks you in the balls and then uppercuts you with two of the greatest action film jokes ever.


Make up your own hilarious caption. There’s plenty to go around.

Does anyone else remember Cynthia Rothrock, by the way? She was in tons of these low budget action movies. IMDB has her credited in 50 movies and TV shows!


I remember wanting to see her naked, but not being particularly attracted to her. I guess it’s because I was a teenager and practically wanted to see any female naked. Part if it might have been the apeal of a physically strong woman that was able to easily beat me up. Not that it wasn’t easy for many woman to beat me up for most of my life… still.

This awkward teenage boner goes out to you Ms. Rothrock wherever you are.