Insane Star Wars Covers #4: Chewie Loves Lando

Chris Piers   September 23, 2014   Comments Off on Insane Star Wars Covers #4: Chewie Loves Lando

insane star wars covers 4

THIS is how the Star Wars comic ended? I admit that there are stars but not much in the way of war. The only conflict might be that one grey alien on the right that looks angry. My observations:

  1. Lando is SMOKING on the cover
  2. After 107 issues, the comic still couldn’t figure out how to draw Chewbacca correctly
  3. Luke is wayyy too into that R2 unit
  4. That R2 unit doesn’t look like R2-D2
  5. And it’s facing the wrong way
  6. Han is staring somewhere different than everyone else – even not being Harrison Ford, he still wants to be elsewhere