Insane Star Wars Covers #2: Luke Swoons

Vincent   March 7, 2011   Comments Off on Insane Star Wars Covers #2: Luke Swoons


I’m pleased to bring you another insane comic book cover from Marvel Comics take on the Star Wars universe. And man, this one is great just for the image of C-3PO carrying Luke like he is. It brought about several thoughts in my mind:

1. This is the most heroic C-3PO will look in the history of anything.

2. C-3PO would make a good LoLcat here. For example:



3. It kind of looks like C-3PO is offering Luke up as a sacrifice.

4. Did Luke just swoon or catch the vapors? It looks like he just learned his fiance ran off to Scotland to marry another woman.

5. The title of this issue is so damned close to the second film in the trilogy, I wonder if they got the idea for it from this.