Infinite Toys for Tots

Vincent   December 2, 2012   1 Comment on Infinite Toys for Tots

Our friends over at Infinite Hollywood have an amazing deal called Infinite Toys for Tots. Send them a picture of you donating to Toys for Tots and guess what? THEY WILL MATCH THAT DONATION! So here’s what you do, take a pic of yourself donating to toys for tots, send one copy to Geeks for Tots to enter my radical contest and then another to Infinite Toys for Tots and then you will get a real Christmas Spirit Explosion Mega Town Awesome.

Link: Infinite Toys for Tots

  • This is a sad sad display of Mod powers. Honestabe and the rest of the HT crew should be ashamed of themselves. Greedy, Rude, and downright WRONG! http://WWW.OG13.COM would never disrespect this kind of charity.