Indiana Jones 5 is in the Works


According to this report here, the story of Indiana Jones 5 is being worked on right now and Harrison Ford might be Indiana Jones again. Look, I was way more positive about Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull than almost anyone else on the planet. But man, how could you not be nervous at the prospect of another Jones film? It was hard to overlook the fact that Indiana Jones was… well old in the last one. He’s only going to be older! In fact he’s older than he was a minute ago! And he’s even older now!

And I was surprised that I liked Mutt Williams when I watched Crystal Skull, but my hatred of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen might seep over into any further instances of having to look at Shia Labeouf. I don’t know if I can ever see him again without having the urge to want to punch him in the balls.

Plus, there better not be any god damned aliens.

  • Hey Buddy,

    I almost agree with you. He is kinda old for the role. The role demands someone very energetic, young, etc,etc.

    And I personally didnt like Crystal skull much. It was like a little away from the series.
    Aliens and stuff, WTF?????

    Letz see how the latest 1 is.

  • I didn’t care much for Crystal Skull either. It was way too much of a stretch from the original series. Even though Harrison Ford is getting a bit too old, I thought he did fairly well in Crystal Skull though. Or maybe that is just because I like him as an actor so much, I want to give him the benefit of the doubt :)

  • I liked Crystal Skull. It had some great moments. And Harrison Ford. That’s always a plus.

    Even though he is old, without him, it just wouldn’t be Indiana Jones. It’d be like doing a Star Wars movie that takes place after the originals, but having Han played by Tom Cruise.

  • Monty,

    What we are talking about is, IJ series going so far away from the original ones (Back in those days when HF was young. LOL)