I’m Boned. There’s Going to be Another Dark Tower Book


If you’re a regular reader of The Robot’s Pajamas, you’ll know that for whatever ungodly reason I decided awhile back to read every single one of Stephen King’s mass published works. Well, there’s another book in the Dark Tower series, so that means I’ll have to read it. I thought I was safe, but nope I have to jump right back into the world of Roland the Gunslinger. I bet some of you are thinking that I’m crazy, because the Dark Tower series is awesome. Well, I used to think that way, kids. I used to love, and I mean loooove, the Dark Tower Series, but I lost that love at about the second to last book and the final one really sucked.

This new book in the Dark Tower series, The Wind Threw the Keyhole, will fill in a gap left in the novels that I didn’t know existed or cared to investigate further. I guess we’ll see if it can capture that magic again when it’s released. It just might, as long as King doesn’t figure out a way to insert himself back into the story.

And if you’re wondering why I hated the ending to the Dark Tower, incredible spoiler alert. It was one of the biggest blunders of epic story history when Flagg wasn’t killed by Roland. You know, the guy Roland had tracked through about six books. That would be like Luke not ever confronting Darth Vader or Dorthy never meeting the Wicked Witch. It was an even bigger blunder to have Roland fighting a crazy old coot who just threw Phantasm balls at him, instead of having an epic showdown with the Crimson King. Perhaps the plot hole that’s going to be filled is why the Crimson King was so lame.

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  • I can’t wait. I know it’s a story that fits in the middle, but I personally hope that it’s ALSO a sequel. As in, I hope Roland is carrying the Horn of Eld this time.

  • I didn’t mind that part of the ending so much, though it was a little too much Matrix like.

  • Matrix-like??? Seriously?

    Ugh. Now THAT became a disappointment. I still like the first movie a lot, but man oh man did the writers completely lose the story in the 2nd and 3rd films.

  • It wasn’t as bad as that really, but

    Spoiler: The whole cyclical nature is what I’m talking about. It’s happened before, it will happen again thing.

    As far as the Matrix goes, yeah that was insane how bad it got.

  • I agree completely I was bummed to get through the whole trip to find a lame bad guy, that seemed to have far less power than Walter, but walter was afraid of him for some reason… Also I gained so much sympathy for Roland and his long journey that I was pissed at King when he forced to Roland to do it again and again. There are a variety of endings that could have brought real closure to series, I’m sure king was right in that none would satisfy all or any of the readers, but closure could have occurred.

    I hope he re-writes the last book to be much better and fix his mistakes, but that will never happen.

  • clark

    I’m three books into Dark Tower, but I’ve heard so many people say that the ending fizzled that I’m really not sure I’m going to read any more. I like what I’ve read so far: gunslingers, giant crabs, racism, camping, robots, cripples…..it’s all been awesome. Just seeing the length of the seventh book is off-putting, because due to my job I’m forced to read a lot, and when I get a chance to read some fiction I don’t want it to be a beating.

  • Be sure to read Wolves of Calla before you quit. That’s my favorite one. My next favorite would probably be Wizard in Glass.