I’m Banned from a Furry Website

Topless Robot did me the greatest favor ever by having me banned from a Furry website. How did he do it? Well, he simply posted a horrific fan fiction story about a woman having sex with a Pokemon or something… well I didn’t bother to read it. What happened next made (or probably will make) internet history. The writer of the horrific crime against man and nature was all pissed off and wrote in the comments, “Whose responsible this“, which was unintentional comedy gold.

Soon pictures like this popped up everywhere and everyone had a good laugh:


Everyone that is, except the writer of the piece of garbage. He then wrote this:

Everyone here is in trouble now, I just sent a message to a site mod from Yiffstar and if this site doesn’t delete all traces of this story or if anyone here doesn’t get rid of this little joke they’ve made out of this story in three days, everyone here will be banned for life just like I’ve warned everyone else here like before, don’t bother trying to lie to the site mods to save your own skins because the site mods are on my side and there’s nothing you can do about it, they’ve already found out who Rob Bricken is and they’re on my side as we speak, they agreed in three days time everyone here will be banned if the big boss behind all this doesn’t get rid of all traces of this little joke they’ve posted, this is your last warning, I’ve warned you all but you didn’t listen, deleting any evidance won’t do you any good either, I’ve shown every piece of evidance to the site mods and it’s all over for everyone here and Rob Bricken, if everyone here doesn’t follow the warning and get rid of this in three days, than judgement day will come for everyone here and Rob Bricken, even if you had nothing to do with it, I don’t care and the mods agree with me, you have three days and if this isn’t gone when I get back, the mods will ban everyone here, even making all the bad comments won’t do you any good. You all have three days or else.

Aside from the hilarious fact that the author thinks that anyone sane gives a shit about being banned from a furry porn website, I’m glad that he sounds like he will make good on his threats. I hope that I’m banned for infinite plus a billion from Yiffstar. In fact, I’m hoping that by sharing this message that I’m having you banned too. Don’t say I don’t do you any favors.

So thank you Topless Robot, for making my life better.

  • wow. that’s the longest run-on sentence i’ve seen in a long time.

  • i bet he’s bad at twitter. HAW!

  • That was hilarious.

  • I’ve never seen a meme be ‘born’ before. I am so grateful for Topless Robot for showing how it’s done. All hail Topless Robot!!!

  • Wow. That’s all I can say. I read the whole story on TR. That guy gives geeks a bad name.

  • Emma

    Holy crap, this is so bad. So, so bad!

    But like someone else said, I’ve never seen a meme born before and THAT is awesome.

  • Chad B

    There’ve been so many hilarious pics for this already, it’s the best thing to come out of the last week or so I think.

  • just dont feel like counting how many times he said “in three days” HAHAHAHA…. why he took so much pain to delete something like that?

    The best part was this……

    Fisrt, nobody checks spellling on the internet!!!! SEcond, I”m only in high school, so give me a fucking break!!! Third, I am what they call the best of the best, so mock all you want, but I have my fans, and they lvoe my stories!!!!

  • Knuckle dragging truck driver

    I think I’ve read this author before…usually I’m sitting in a stall and reading the walls though.